Health Tips for Women

With today’s renewed concern for health and well-being, an increasing number of men and women are revamping their lifestyles to include a regular schedule for exercise, rest and relaxation, and a strict adherence to a nutrition-rich diet. Women in particular have to manage their time to perfection, especially if they to juggle the twin concerns of motherhood and a professional working career.

Calcium plays a vital role in women’s diets. To attain the recommended 1,000-1,200 mg of calcium per day, women are encouraged to consume three servings of milk products daily (for example, one cup of 250 mL of milk, six oz or 175 grams of yogurt, one oz or 45 grams of cheese). For women who don’t like milk products, they can replace these three portions with a 300 mg calcium supplement or try other sources of calcium. Having a good calcium reserve is essential especially since a woman’s bones tend to stop growing when she reaches her thirties. Once she reaches her forties, women start to lose bone density. She will need dairy foods, leafy green vegetables, fish, and even non-dairy products that are fortified with calcium to boost calcium-intake.

Getting enough rest and a good night’s sleep are also essential. Studies have pinpointed several situations that rob women of much-needed sleep which should be avoided. These include having arguments before bedtime as well as heavy intake of caffeine, sugar and vitamin C. Intense exercise can also boost our energy levels and keep us from falling asleep. These studies recommend sleep inducers such as relaxing through a hot bath, drinking a cup of herbal tea or a warm glass of milk and reading just before bedtime. Sometimes, fragrant aromas can also help us sleep so try dropping a pinch of lavender or orange oil onto your bed sheets to bring about that sweet slumber.

If regular exercise in the gym or around the track oval is too strenuous for you, an excellent alternative is gardening. It’s enough to provide you with the key benefits of regular benefits and has been proven to strengthen bones because of all the bending and lifting involved. Gardening is a good way to ward off osteoporosis. Besides, taking care of flowers and shrubs is a relaxing activity that can sooth frayed nerves.