Health Tips on Reducing Stress From Our Daily Life

“It’s driving me crazy.”
“I’m going through a lot of pressure.”
“It’s getting onto my nerves.”
“I’ll have a nervous breakdown.”If you ever had similar kind of feeling then you are under stress. Stress has become an integral part of our daily life. While we have learned to accept it, we’ve not learned to eliminate it. Here are a few health tips to help reduce stress from our daily life:Don’t pile up your emotions, vent it out: Express your feelings, instead of keeping them inside you.
Think Positive: Your brain reacts according to how you think. Think good about yourself, and you will feel good about yourself.
Eat Healthy: You can handle stress better if you are healthy. Start your day with a hearty breakfast to stay energized throughout the day. Eat a balanced and nutritious diet.
Avoid Junk Food & Aerated Drinks: Junk food is just like the junk folder of your mailbox. If you visit corrupted websites, your junk folder impairs your mailbox with viruses and spywares. Bad food does the same to your stomach. Aerated drinks are no good either, they create gas in your system, makes you feel bloated, corrodes the intestinal lining (which can cause stomach ulcers) and interferes with digestion.
Mood Elevators or Alligators: Alcohol, Cigarette, Drugs, Caffeine may all provide temporary relief from stress, but once you are caught in their clutches, there is no escape. You will slowly but surely get devoured by it like an alligator devours its prey. So, stay away from it or say no to it while there is still time.
Get your Sleep: Sleep is a natural stress buster. It refreshes your mind and body and helps you think better. If you don’t get enough sleep at one go, try taking powernaps.
Physical Activity: Sweat out your stress!! Regular exercise keeps you physically fit and improves your reflex action thus equipping you better to handle stress.There are many more ways to deal with stress, but remember “Self Realization is the key to stress management”.